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What are some of your favorite things about Tampa? What do you want to see explored? We are up for any challenge! Want to learn more about a restaurant in the area? Interested in the history behind of a certain part of town? Looking for the best place to have some retail therapy? What are some upcoming development projects in Tampa Bay? How are the sports teams doing this year? Where is a hidden hot spot for drinks after work? What local Tampa area leaders should I follow on

Let's Talk Tampa

Welcome to Let's Talk Tampa! who we are Let's Talk Tampa is run by a resident of the Tampa Bay area. My name is Jen, I have claimed Tampa as my home for a little over ten years. As a lifelong Floridian, I have found Tampa to be the perfect place to raise a family. I love that there are so many parts of our city to discover and explore; there is truly something for everyone here in our beautiful city. Please join me in my journey to get to know even more about our fascinating