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5 Tips for Selling Your Home in 2019

5. Photos and Staging Matter, More Than Ever

Real estate is very emotional. While economists talk numbers, home buyers and sellers lead with their hearts. One of the most important things you can get right (or very wrong) is photographs. Ultimately, unless you or your real estate agent is a photographer by trade or serious hobby, you’ll need to hire a pro.


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4. Decide if you have high equity.

Homeowners who bought during the recession or shortly after benefitted from historically low interest rates and, up until around 2015, lower home prices that were still in recovery mode. If you fall into that category, your home equity has risen with nearly every mortgage payment, each renovation you made to the house and all the other houses on the block that sold for a higher price.

The higher your equity in your home, the more you net from the sale, which can easily go toward the down payment on your next house. The larger your down payment, the better you look to lenders and the lower your interest rate will be, and the less likely you'll need to increase monthly payments with private mortgage insurance.


3. Consider Catering to Millennials

Move aside, baby boomers and Gen Xers! Guess who’s taking the over the homeowner leaderboard? Yep, you better believe it. Millennials are busting out all over. They’re getting older and finding stable careers. Their household income has increased to $88,200, and they’re looking to buy their first homes in middle and upper-middle class neighborhoods.

This works out perfectly for them as more baby boomers are retiring and downsizing. Next year, millennials will lead the way in number of mortgages, accounting for 45% of the market. They’ll be followed by Gen Xers at 37% and baby boomers at 17%.(5)


2. House Design Trends for 2019

Pastels, Sustainable Homes, Real (Low Maintenance) House Plants, New Finishes, Florals, Monochromatic Decor (Builders 2019 trends are heading towards dark finishes with light cabinets), Bold Backsplashes & Textured Wallpaper, & Velvet Furnishings.

(Source: Greater Tampa Realtors Association)

1. Should Sellers List First or Find a New Home First?

It’s always a little tricky when a homeowner must close on his or her home before buying their next home. Market timing is important to consider when making these decisions and this market shift requires a change in strategy. Many homes are taking longer to sell now, so it may be prudent for some sellers to list their homes for sale or even have a contract first before submitting offers on something new.

However, well-priced entry level homes in good condition are still in low supply and high demand, so in some markets, those sellers may do better to search for their new home first before putting their house active on the MLS. Know your market and share that experience with your clients. Help them consider various options for going from one home to another.

(Source: Greater Tampa Realtors Association)

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