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BBB: Allergens in the Home

Your home should be your refuge, a place of comfort, safety, and health. If you or someone in your family are not feeling healthy in your home, it is possible that there are allergens that are triggering reactions.

The two big questions are always first, how do you know for sure, and second, what can you do about it?

As for how to know what may be triggering an allergic response, you would likely need to see a doctor and have some testing done. In the meantime, there are some simple ways that you can reduce the allergens in your home which will decrease the opportunity for an allergic response.

The most effective way, and possibly the hardest, to deter allergens from your home is to declutter. By minimizing the stuff in your home, there are fewer places for the most common home allergens like dust, pollen, and mold to hide.

Beyond decluttering there are three relatively simple things you can do to help maintain an allergen-free home.


Unfortunately, wall-to-wall carpet is a major culprit for holding in pet dander, dust, pollen, and just about every other allergen. If you can replace your carpet with hardwood or tile, even one room at a time, that will help tremendously. If you can’t replace your carpet right away, make sure your vacuum is a high-efficiency machine that has good suction and is equipped with a filter that blocks allergens from escaping.


If you want your house to stop triggering potential allergies, there are three rooms that need your immediate attention.

Bedroom - Your bedroom, full of soft surfaces and with minimal traffic (but where you spend at least 8 hours daily sleeping), is the first. Although dust mites would rather you stay away, a thorough deep cleaning is necessary. Also, you can put dust mite proof covers on your pillows and mattresses to help deter the icky buggers.

Bathroom - As much as dust mites love bedrooms, mold thrives in bathrooms. Keeping moisture to a minimum in your bathroom is a must to keep mold spores from taking up residence. Make it a habit to wipe all standing water. Use the fan anytime you are in the bathroom and leave it on for an additional 30 minutes after showers and baths. Regular cleaning also keeps mold at bay and discourages new growth.

Living Room - Your living room, although often traveled, can be a catch-all for any number of allergens. From pet dander to mildew to pollen, this busy room must be cleaned regularly to stay ahead of any sort of allergen invasion.


Starting with your filters, make sure that all recycled air coming into your house is clean. Regular filter cleaning goes a long way towards making sure of that. Beyond the filters, you may want to consider purchasing an air purifier to keep the air clean and healthy for your family. If you have excess humidity, a dehumidifier could also be a good purchase.

These steps might seem like a lot but in all honesty, once you implement a system it will become second nature in no time and your home will again, be a welcome and safe refuge for your family.

You can check out the article on Wesley Chapel Weekly, too!

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