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Organizing Your Home!

Now that many of us have some extra time our hands, it’s a great time to do something we all have on our checklist but never actually get around to: organize our homes! Initially, you may be apprehensive but just imagine how you will feel looking at your home once you whip it back into shape. Whether it’s a closet, a pantry, or the whole house you’re aiming to conquer, I have 5 steps to help you make organizing as easy and as enjoyable as possible!

Step 1: Make a list.

Write down the areas you want to work on & any notes on how you’d like it to look after you tackle it. Seeing what you want to conquer in writing will make you more committed and is there any better feeling than crossing items off a list?

Step 2: Prepare to say “goodbye”!

By this I mean, you are going to designate two areas: one will be for items that are donation friendly and the other is for items that just need to be discarded. Make sure to have a few trash bags & boxes handy, you’ll probably fill them a lot faster than you expect! Another good idea is to keep a donation box handy year-round, which you can add to over time and make less trips to drop off. Don’t forget there are organizations like the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity Restore, and Amvets that will pick up.

Step 3: Ready, set, go!

Believe it or not, organizing can be fun! Turn up the music or a podcast, have some snacks & a drink nearby, and anything else you need to ensure you stay focused. Take small breaks as needed but plan to plow through. If it’s a large space, designate time blocks, such as one day to decluttering and another day to rearranging.

Step 4: Time for a makeover.

Now is your time to shine! Once you’ve gotten all of the clutter out of the way, you can finally transform the space into what you’ve always wanted. Perhaps you want to use organizational bins, labels, use wall space for hanging, or even color code your items (I may or may not have done this myself), but do whatever makes you feel most at ease when you walk into this part of the house. Websites like Pinterest, Houzz, or have some great inspirational ideas!

Step 5: Celebrate your success!

As practical as organization sounds, it is also has huge psychological benefits. A de-cluttered space can relieve anxiety and promote positive mental well being. Celebrating your victories, as silly as it seems, boosts optimism, keeps you working towards future goals, and builds resilience, according to Psychology Today. We can ALL use that feeling right about now!

I hope these steps have helped you to plan some productive time at home and if you’re up for it, I would love to see your before & after photos! I am a local Realtor here in Tampa/St. Pete and you can always reach me at 813-539-1678 or on Facebook & Instagram by searching Let’s Talk Tampa.

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