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The Best Time to Buy ANYTHING!

Wondering when you should splurge💰 on a big ticket item? 🎟 Now you know!

Thank you to the Wesley Chapel Weekly for featuring my article! 🖱

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Now that the holidays are over you may or may not have gotten everything on your wish list. If Santa forgot a couple big-ticket items, have no fear! Throughout the year, retailers have the “best times to buy” for those traditionally more expensive items. As a Realtor, I’m often asked when’s the best time to buy home items. Maybe you too need a new patio set or perhaps you just want to book a vacation getaway! Here is your cheat-sheet for the BEST time to buy:


  • Fitness equipment: you can expect to walk away with up to 70% off right after the holidays, when New Years Resolutions are in full force.

  • Cruises. The best time to sail is while everyone else is still planning their spring break. Shoot for the 2nd week of January through early February.


  • Indoor furniture. Specifically wait until around President’s Day. Spring is when furniture retailers put out new models so get what you can from the previous year before it's gone!


  • Luggage. One of those things you don’t want to spend money on but you have to have. March is when retailers showcase new luggage styles in anticipation of the upcoming travel season, so this is the time to snag a deal.


  • Vacuums. It's the spring cleaning season and while all cleaning supplies go on sale this is the big ticket item you want to watch for.


  • Mattresses. Memorial Day sales are ON and the entire mattress industry simultaneously blows out their inventory to clear the previous year’s models. Wait specifically for Memorial Day for this one.

  • Grills & BBQ essentials. This one is self explanatory!


  • Gym memberships. Sounds odd but most people are spending time outdoors and on vacations, so gyms are at their lowest demand.


  • July is a BUSY month for deep discounts: jewelry, outdoor furniture (think July 4th), paint, tools, and Christmas gear. Yes, “Christmas in July” is a real thing! One word: Amazon. Amazon Prime Day will fall on July 13-14 in 2020, a full 48 hours of deals at your fingertips!


  • All things summer. Swimwear & swim gear, camping essentials, outdoor furniture, lawn mowers, and so much more. If its an outdoor essential you need, August is a great time to stock up.


  • Airfare. Try to buy eight weeks before you anticipated departure date for the deepest discount.

  • Appliances. Stores are clearing out inventory to make room for the next year’s designs so now is the time to save big!

  • Cars. The start of the new model year begins in September and dealers need space on the lot. You can get a deal on a current years model anytime September-December.


  • Air conditioners. After the hot summer months, retailers don’t want to store air conditioning units all winter long. Look out for a sale on any leftover inventory.

  • Vacations. Prices dip this month while most people are back in their daily routine. This is a great time of year to travel.


Historically, Black Friday is the absolute BEST day of the year to get a deal on almost anything. There are still a few big ticket items I suggest waiting it out til November for:

Electronics, that includes laptops, televisions, phones, tablets and more!


  • Gift cards. You can often get yourself a small gift card courtesy of the retailer when buying a larger one for someone else!Small appliances. These make great gifts when at a discounted price, so retailers tend to keep them on sale throughout the holiday season.

Remember, I am a local REALTOR® here in the Tampa/St. Pete area so let me reiterate the BEST time to buy new home is truly is year round. In 2019, the busiest month for home sales in Tampa/St. Pete was May. There are unique aspects for buying & selling in every season to consider and the best way to find out whats most ideal for you is speaking with a trusted Realtor. I’m always happy to chat and can be reached at (813) 539-1678. You can find me on Facebook or Instagram by searching “Let’s Talk Tampa”. If you’re not local, I would love to help you find a trusted agent in your area. Again I am your local Realtor here in Tampa/St.Pete, Jen Wiggins, at (813) 539-1678 or at Let’s Talk Tampa on social. I hope these tips were helpful to you. Happy New Year & happy shopping!

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